Adult Sculpture Classes

Adult Sculpture ClassesCreativity Wild offers Adult Sculpture Classes for all ages and skill levels.

Creativity Wild can show you how to create sculptures using all sorts of materials for indoor and outdoor areas.

Adult Sculpture Classes

In the class you will learn various sculpting techniques including how to choose the correct technique and materials for your project, how to set up your work space, safety, how to design and build your sculpture, you will also learn how to install it.

Creativity Wild has an attractive and well equipped classroom at Botany where you can use all our tools during class time.

Adult Sculpture Classes Techniques

You can choose from the different sculpture techniques which include:

  • Armature building
  • Paper pulp and paper layering
  • Wet cement carving
  • Cement block carving

Give us a call for more information about our Wednesday afternoon class and other options available.

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Our Philosophy

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience, and we hope to create a very arty community where you feel happy to create and share.

Being green is difficult when working ceramics but we do try by using lots of recycled materials and approach businesses to try to keep as many useful materials out of landfill as possible.

Also using recycled packaging so you might get products in food jars or bags with other companies’ logos. We also ask you to help us by bringing and sharing containers, paper etc.

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