Creativity Wild Artist, Miriam, has over 15 years’ experience teaching kids of all ages in public and private schools and vacation care. As a result CW has created products and techniques that work very well in classrooms to suit all budgets.

What you can make:

  • Individual mosaics with our popular Mosaic Kids Kits
  • Unique mosaic murals
  • Handmade Ceramic tiles fired in our kiln  
  • Fabulous sculptures 

How can you make them:

  • CW Artist, Miriam, can visit your school to facilitate a workshop
  • Miriam can facilitate a ‘teach the teacher’ program so your teachers can assist or run their own workshop.
  • Buy CW mosaic products to suit your theme so you can facilitate your own workshops.
Mosaic products and projects for schools

Creativity Wild is very aware that each school is different, with varying budgets and unique needs. Keeping this in mind they developed a lot of products that are safe to use, fun for kids and educational. Products are based on the school curriculum and come in kit form or as individual pieces allowing you the freedom to pick and choose.

Prices start at $5 per child.

Creativity Wild has worked with schools to create large mosaic murals that can be installed indoors or out. These murals are usually based on a special school event or curriculum topic. They can be completed by single or mixed age groups. Kids will learn about design, installation and mosaic techniques. You can choose to run intensive sessions to complete the mural quickly or use class time over a term or two. We often include handmade tile making so the kids can create truly original art.

Creativity Wild is very happy to work with you and your school to understand your needs. We are confident we can design workshops and products that meet your learning requirements and your budget.

Click here to request a product catalogue, photos of completed kids work and references or to arrange a consultation

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